About Us

Cell Renewal, Naturally™

RenovaCare, Inc. is a biotechnology company focused on developing first-of-their-kind autologous (self-donated) stem cell therapies for the regeneration of human organs.

Our initial products under development target the body’s largest organ, the skin. Our flagship technology, the CellMist™ System, uses our patented SkinGun™ to spray a liquid suspension of a patient’s stem cells – the CellMist™ Solution – onto wounds. We’re also developing medical-grade liquid spray devices for wound care and irrigation fluids.

In investigative clinical use in the United States, SkinGun™ treatments have shown the potential to naturally and rapidly heal burns and other serious wounds.

We are developing our CellMist™ System as a promising new alternative for patients suffering from burns, chronic and acute wounds, and scars. In the US alone, this $45 billion market is greater than spending on high-blood pressure management, cholesterol treatments, and back pain therapeutics.

Currently in investigational clinical use for second degree burn patients in the United States, our CellMist™ System targets an estimated 143 million patients worldwide who suffer burns, chronic and acute wounds, acne scarring, and skin defects and diseases such as vitiligo

(a skin discoloration condition, suffered by celebrities Michael Jackson and Jon Hamm). According to the National Institutes of Health, skin disorders account for 40% of occupational-disease claims nationally.

For patients the potential breakthrough of a quick-healing, gentle mist of their own stem cells will be a promising alternative to conventional skin grafts, which can be extremely painful, slow-to-heal, and prone to complications.

The CellMist™ System harvests a patient’s stem cells from a small area of skin, generally around 1 square inch, and suspends them in the water-based CellMist™ Solution. The suspension is delicately sprayed onto the wound using the SkinGun™ deposition device, where it begins to grow new skin at the cellular level.

RenovaCare’s SkinGun™ spray device is the world’s most advanced technology of its kind, using a gentle positive-pressure air stream to spray the CellMist™ Solution onto wounds. This is a marked improvement over pump spray devices, which spray by creating high pressure behind a narrow aperture, and expose fragile cells to strong forces that are likely to tear them apart.

This procedure can take as little as 90 minutes from start to finish. In some cases patients will be able to leave the hospital within only a few days, rather than the many weeks required by other alternative treatments such as in-vitro cultured epithelial grafts.

Engineers review enhancements to the most recent prototype of RenovaCare’s SkinGun™ delivery device.

Engineers review design of RenovaCare’s SkinGun™, which gently sprays a patient’s own stem cells onto wounds for rapid healing.

The CellMist™ Advantage

RenovaCare is committed to best practices in research and development; rigorous testing is behind every product we produce.

Skin tissue grafting is the traditional treatment for patients with severe burns and wounds. Grafting requires the removal of vast areas of a patient’s healthy skin, which is then surgically stitched onto wounds.

In contrast, our CellMist™ System requires only a small, postage-stamp sized donor skin sample from a patient. Stem cells are liberated from the donor skin and suspended in the liquid CellMist™ Solution, which is then gently sprayed onto wound sites using our SkinGun™ deposition device

Beyond conventional grafting, several skin replication biotechnologies have emerged in recent years. However, patients are still subject to weeks of pre- and post-graft hospitalization, risk of infection, and other painful complications. In some of these methods surgeons remove healthy skin, which is then shipped to a central processing unit for reproduction. After weeks of waiting – and making use of non-human cells – sheets of artificial skin are “grown” and shipped back to the surgeon for stitching to the wounded area. This can be a slow, painful, and expensive process.

RenovaCare’s CellMist™ System procedure by contrast needs only 90 minutes to liberate the patient’s highly-regenerative stem cells and gently spray them onto the wound site.

Almost immediately the cells begin to differentiate and become new skin. Some early CellMist™ patients have grown sufficient amounts of new skin to be safely discharged from hospital only a few days after treatment.

According to researchers, such rapid healing is possible because the wound itself is an ideal natural incubator for a patient’s own stem cells.